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Thu, Jan. 4th, 2007, 01:34 pm

Hi, Livejournal. I haven't posted in you in a while. It's felt pretty good. Facebook has taken over the WORLD. And, unlike with Myspace, I'm not too averse to it.

I'm currently in Connecticut with my boy Maxx.

This winter break has consisted of:
--Me skipping school right after Inspecting Carol closed to go to Boston for my grandfather's 80th birthday. Translation? Family drama. Minute moments. Ick.
--Came back to LA, stayed home one day, tried out for a Spanish dubbing company the next day. Had one last day of school, then...
-Off to New York. Stayed with my friend Jamie in Great Neck, Long Island. My big brother David came from Israel to stay with us. We got lost in the City. I saw everything I needed to. And more.
--Went to boring Reisterstown, Maryland, for a week for the Nesiya '06 Winter Retreat. Mixed emotions about it. Certain people just aren't as perfect as I once held them to be. Nonetheless, they are all my best friends on the planet. We all got caught drinking on New Years. No biggie for me, big biggie for others.
--Went to DC for 2 days with the Israelis, less Americans than you could count on your fingers, and this one Canadian broad. Was fun, considering I've never been. The President flew over us. I didn't get the chance to flick him off. Siiiigh.
--Went up to Woodbury, Connecticut, where I'll currently be until tomorrow, when I must return "home" to Los Angeles for the last, fleeting weekend of my winter holiday. It's sad.

I'm just so grateful to Hashem right now that I've been able to accomplish this.