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Wed, Aug. 30th, 2006, 04:48 pm

I'm in my aunt's house, in lovely, quiet, Hudson, Massachusetts, somewhere between Boston and Worcester. It's quite nice, except for the fact that I've had to deal with all the family bickering, as usual.


Had to visit my mom's mom first thing when we drove down from New Hampshire on Monday. While I was in Israel, she drove about 35 mph into her apartment building, and the only thing that stopped her was the elevator. She may have been drunk at the time, we don't know (she finally admitted her alcoholism). But anyway, she's lucky she'll be able to walk again.

Yesterday was, uh, fun. My grandmother made me breakfast (isn't she sweet?) and it took all morning planning with my friends and playing phone tag before I finally got out the door around 1:30. It was rainy and cold and miserable, yet I still dress like an Israeli: flip-flops and khaki shorts. FUN!

So my parents dropped me off outside Boston College, where it took about a half-hour before I FINALLY ran into Jill, Allie, and their friend Rachel, all up from New Jersey. We walked through the mud to Cleveland Circle, and met my dear Nesiya friend Adam for Thai food, which was awesome. Then we took the T into Boston, got off near Boston University.

Hurray! Boston University! (Which I wanted to tour) But, of course, all we did was pee in their McDonald's (you can't pee on campus unless you have a student ID) and then walk around outside campus waiting for Jill and Allie's lost cousin to show up. Didn't even go inside. Damn it. So then, after waiting for him a while, he showed up, and we took the T to their hotel in Revere, a sketchy neighbourhood north of Boston.

Then we returned by car to Boston's North End, where I was going to take the gang for Italian foods and pastries in the neighbourhood I know and love. But, no. We HAD to go to some seedy [supposedly Moroccan] restaurant in Cambridge way far away just because some supposedly good-looking manfriend of the girls was there. (I really don't understand women sometimes)

So, we got lost in Cambridge for hours and hours, ended up driving back into Boston twice, and finally found Harvard Square, and had dinner at this place at around quarter to ten. I wasn't even hungry, and when I screwed up the meal process (it's like Souplantation but more obligatory) I finally had a meltdown in the restaurant and refused to order anything. Oh fun. I mean, I didn't get to do or see anything, I hate being lost, and it was juuuust crap. My apologies to Jill and Allie.

Then we went into North Boston to go to some Italian (Italian!?) hookah bar. The guy at the door asked if we were 18; we said yes. The gal inside asked if were 21. Wtf. Rrrrrr!

The car ride home to Hudson, which took a while, was fun (deep religious discussions!) and my friends talked with my parents a while when we got in. Then they left, and I had a bit of time with my parents' long-time friend Darry. Got to bed at 2 AM. Oyyyy.

Hah, and my mom thought Jill and Allie's cousin was foxy.

Tomorrow, supposedly I might to tour BU and Emerson. I really hope I can.

My cousin's hamster is named Toto.

And I finally found my Rocky Horror DVD after, like, a year and a half. It's hiding upstairs in my cousin's room. THAT got passed around the family like an STD!